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TH - Auriella by AngryMuffinTop TH - Auriella by AngryMuffinTop

Auriella~ back with a revamp ^^


Miyukaza, Auriella

Miyu / Auri / Ella





2nd year



♥ Music
♥ using laps for pillows
♥ British sweets
♥ hugs & kisses 
♥ having her hair braided
♥ warm summer nights
♥ orchids
♥ trifle
♥ scary or ugly creatures (she has an odd sense of what 'cute' is)
♥ fashion magazines
♥ stargazing 
♥ cuddling

♦ the sound of brass instruments like trumpets and bells 
♦ cold weather 
♦ those who take everything for granted 
♦ whiners
♦ carbonated drinks

If she can give then she will, and she doesn't expect anything back. She doesn't see the point in counting pennies or showing off material things. She has never had issues with sharing but perhaps this stems from the fact she has a twin brother that she's always had to share everything with.

Auriella doesn't believe in things like God or ghosts or aliens. She believes what she sees, despite that though she loves fairytales and the idea of being swept off her feet and taken into some dreamy wonderland-like love.

She knows how to get on the good side of people, sometimes she can be obliviously flirtatious and if she likes you she will tell you so. She has no qualms about complimenting people.

Some say that it is an annoyance, others like this about her. She tells it like it is. Always has, always will. She's simply tactless.

Auriella's heart is always in the right place, she's always thinking of others, particularly her family and friends and would give up anything she had to make them happy.

You wouldn't think it but Auriella is very lazy, she hates cleaning and housework and staying organised. She dislikes waking up early and often naps in the day.

She can sometimes be careless in regards to other peoples feelings. She says what comes into her head and is really bad at keeping secrets.

Auriella was born as the youngest of twins, she and her brother are the only children to Michiyo and Kenta. Her Mother owned a florist shop and her Father ran the dojo in which they lived. Auriella was born albino and was also diagnosed with a weak heart. The doctors didn't expect her to live past three and so she remained home throughout her toddler years. As the first few years of her life passed though she only became sick a few times and always bounced back with a happy smile and cheery disposition. She would follow her Father around most days and loved to watch as he taught the 'big boys' karate. Although her brother got to go to kindergarten Auriella was never jealous, instead she simply babbled with him and got him to tell her all about how he spent his days and the friends he made there.

Elementary School
By the time Auriella was old enough to attend Elementary school her parents no longer kept her at home. The doctors would often say that she lived each day at risk, but Auriella remained strong willed and was happiest when told that she would be able to attend school with her brother. Due to the fact that she had not been in such an environment before she clung to her twin alot and relied on him perhaps more than she would have otherwise. This caused a rift between her and the other students, they couldn't understand why she wasn't as outgoing as her brother. During these years she got her Father to start teaching her karate and thought perhaps this would cause the others at school to like her if she could show how strong she was. Unfortunately though, it seemed to have the opposite affect and the only one who actually liked the fact she was a strong girl was her brother's friend Nanuka whom often professed his love to her.

Middle School/Junior High
Prior to starting middle school Auriella and her brother were caught up in an incident with some bullies where they were both pushed into a river from a bridge and told to 'swim back to whatever foreign land they came from'. It had a stronger impact on her brother and he became serious and cold towards most, but Auriella, although saddened, tried to stay positive for her brothers sake. They both dyed their hair brown before starting school, they were still young and quite naiive thinking that it would help them to 'fit in'. However, their Father especially was furious and refused to allow them to go to school until it had all been washed out. Their almost white hair had now become a light lilac due to the affect of the dye and Auriella couldn't help but think that she would never be able to fit in with the girls at school now.

Despite the awful start to school though, Auriella got through it. At first she had remained close with her brother, but by the time school was almost over for them, he had his own group of friends and plans to attend a Boys only High School in another prefecture. Auriella did make what she thought were a few friends, but in the end, their only reason for befriending her was to try and get in the good books of her brother who was considered extremely handsome. Auriella herself was still considered strange and even though she had accomplished a lot in her middle school years, what with winning karate championships and learning the violin, she had still not found the confidence in herself that was needed to reach out to others.

In her first year of High School she ended up in the hospital thanks to her heart condition and somehow it brought her closer to her brother again. He apologised to her, for not being there for her and explained that it was only because he had wanted her to not be so dependant on him. To find her own strength and make friends with people who wouldn't look at her funny due to her albinism or strange tastes in what she thought was cute. Of course she forgave him and once she'd left the hospital she made her own decision to attend Tachikawa High. A boarding school which was still close enough to home that she could visit every weekend. She hoped that she'd finally be able to step out of her comfort zone and into a place where she could discover herself and perhaps people who were willing to accept her.

Additional Info: 
- Auriella has a twin brother who goes to an all boys boarding school, he visits occasionally when there is some sort of event going on that family is invited to. 

- She is a brown belt in karate.

- She gives the impression of a cool beauty until she opens her mouth XD

- She and her twin brother were born indigo-eyed albinos, after trying to dye their hair dark like other Japanese it ended up staining a light purple

- The birth of her and her brother was unexpected and didn't go well. Doctors said that Auriella's weak heart would mean she'd die before reaching 3 years old. Goes to show how much they know.

Natural eye-colour : indigo
Favourite Beverage : apple juice
Favourite colours : lilac and forget-me-not blue
Voice :

- What are you talking about? You're perfect just as you are!
- My friends and family mean everything to me...


::App for Tachikawa High::  Kojuro Morishige by Budo-chwan
They're dating~~

Eri App by AngryMuffinTop
Her cousin~~
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