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Lex-Ferenda .:Sylvia Merriwether:. by AngryMuffinTop Lex-Ferenda .:Sylvia Merriwether:. by AngryMuffinTop

**edited 03/11/2013***


Sylvia Eloise Merriwether


16 - 5th Year




August 29th (Virgo)


164cm / 54.5kg


Name: Lady
Species: Common House Mouse
Personality: Aloof | Neat | Pompous | Haughty | Affectionate | Greedy


Unicorn Hair & Pear wood


1. Finite Incantatem - Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.
2. Protego - Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.
3. Impervius - Renders an object - often an article of clothing - impermeable to many substances and outside forces, including water. Classically used for weatherproofing.
4. Ferula - A simple medical spell, which bandages and splints a broken limb.
5. Episkey - A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.
6. Avis - Conjures a flock of small birds that emerge from the caster's wand. 
7. Incendio - Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand. The power of this spell increases with the skill and experience of the caster.


Elective - Study of Ancient Runes
Extra Curricular - Ancient Studies


Analytical - Sylvia often feels she must find a logical reason for everything. She is meticulous about neatness and has often been called a perfectionist. She is well organised and likes to plan out her days in order for things to run smoothly. She wouldn't dream of starting her day without a schedule in place and is often thrown out of her comfort zone whenever she is forced to work without one.

Loyal - For those who call her a friend she will always be there. Whilst she doesn't like keeping secrets she would never turn on a friend in order to save her own back. She has a very firm philosophy which is 'treat one as you would wish to be treated.'

Kind hearted - Although people find it difficult to put up with her specific way of doing things she always shows kindness despite rejection. She has a soft spot for animals in particular (although is fearful of any creature larger than a chihuahua) and completely adores children.

Workaholic/Intellectual - One might say that Sylvia either doesn't know how to have fun, or simply frowns upon it. She enjoys studying and has never felt the need to spend much time frolicking and the like. She enjoys sudoku and solving rubiks cubes and her favourite past time is reading.

Romantic - Whilst Sylvia has never had any personal experiences of romance she is very much in awe of the idea of it. She is very much easily impressed by large romantic gestures regardless of whether they are aimed at herself or not.

Stubborn/Independent - Sylvia finds it hard to ask for help, mainly because she is often certain that she can achieve anything herself should she just try hard enough. Whilst this can be seen as an admirable trait by some, it can become a hindrance when she refuses to allow anyone to give her a helping hand. More often than not she has unintentionally pushed away friends due to her stubbornness.

Critical - It is not hard for Sylvia to find faults both in others and herself, whether it be a distasteful personality or an out of place shirt collar. She will have a hard time not speaking up about flaws that she notices and people often can't abide this quirk of hers.

Cynical - For Sylvia, it is rather difficult to simply trust in the words of others. She likes everything to be proven and is quite distrustful of others until they happen to prove themselves trustworthy. She does not easily make friends, but once she does she makes sure to keep them.



Sylvia's Mother Cynthia, a squib, had always been rather proud of her heritage and disappointed at the fact that unlike her own parents and siblings, she had not been blessed with the powers of a witch. With this disappointment resting heavily on her shoulders she decided to pursue a profession within the muggle world and went into teaching. She became an English teacher in France where she met her husband Charles, an advisor to a politician who happened to be lecturing at the establishment in which she worked. They met no more than three times over the course of the politician's visit and decided then that it would be a terrible shame should they not meet again.

A year of long distance letter writing, weekend visits and lengthy telephone calls, Charles took the major step in asking Cynthia if she would marry him. It was unconventional, but they were in love and no more than a year after that they were husband and wife, and also Father and Mother to a lovely baby girl.


Once they were married Sylvia's parents bought a home in the rather pricey area of Westminster. After all, Charles received a rather hefty wage packet and Cynthia had plenty of savings tucked away too. Sylvia's first few years were spent in the home, she had tutors and a nanny and play-dates with the other young children whom belonged to Cynthia's book club. She was a lively girl but even as a toddler she showed great interest in books more so than dolls and dressing up.


When Sylvia reached five and it was time for her to start school, Cynthia went back into teaching. Charles was often called away oversees, but Cynthia was often home enough of the time to take care of Sylvia during the evenings and weekends. Sylvia was fast becoming one of the brightest pupils with immense potential and she took great pride in showing off her achievement badges, stickers and high grades. Whenever her Father came home from a trip she would grace him with a long speech about all she had got up to during classes and what it was she had planned for her future. Of course she wanted to become a teacher like her Mother and pass on her knowledge in a private educational establishment that she would (of course) own herself. Often it made her parents laugh to see just how forward thinking their little girl was.


At aged seven Cynthia landed a job role in a secondary boarding school which would return her to France, as it was joined to a prep school it made sense to enrol Sylvia and move to France. Charles, who was still travelling often did not particularly mind the change, however, he refused to give up their Westminster home and only after promises that they would all return there some day did he agree to it at all.

So Sylvia found herself in France, away from the school she knew and the friends, and even the language. However, it wasn't long before she had picked up on the language basics and was correcting their English just as much as they corrected her French. Although she would not admit it at first, she loved her school in France more than any other and hoped that she would never have to return to London.


Prior to Sylvia's eleventh birthday, the Merriwether's returned home for the six week holiday leading up to the start of a new school year. On quite an ordinary morning Sylvia received a letter which she assumed was from one of her friends in France and opened it at the breakfast table. Upon the third time reading it she gave a rather odd sniff of annoyance before pushing it to one side and assuming it were simply some sort of strange chain mail. That was until her Mother read over it and gave an excited squeal before spilling a rather long winded explanation on the existence of magic, witches and wizards and her own sorry upbringing in which she had been shunned due to her lack of abilities.

If not for the fact that Cynthia was a level headed woman her husband and daughter would have certainly thought she had gone mad. However, after what seemed like hours it seemed that it was beginning to dawn on the small household that there was indeed a witch in the family.

It was not all sunshine and roses though, feeling somewhat confused and a little betrayed by the fact his wife had kept something like this hidden, Charles left his wife. however, this was only temporary and after a few weeks he had returned home to find his wife thankfully waiting for him and his only daughter very much looking forward to her future as a witch. Whilst Charles preferred to take an ignorant approach to the fact he were living with a witch in the home, it was hard to ignore the oddness happening about the house as the rooms became littered with odd books and odd items in jars. The fact that Sylvia could not yet practice any magic did little to comfort Charles, but he soon got used to the situation and by the time it came to Sylvia leaving for Hogwarts he was puffing his chest out proudly alongside the other Fathers at the station and feeling very proud of his daughter who was growing up. Cynthia of course attempted (and failed) to hold back the tears as her daughter departed for Hogwarts, whilst Sylvia remained quite composed. After all, she had been in a boarding school before and didn't feel this would be much different.

VOICE | (Lady Sybil Crawley)


♥ hot cocoa with whipped cream
♥ small animals (preferably furry) and nature
♥ acts of heroism
♥ quiet time reading outside
♥ being looked up to
♥ sleeping with many, many, many pillows

x tomatoes
x sour sweets
x coffee
x rainy days
x selfishness
x slugs, snails & worms
x flying


Father (muggle) - Charles Merriwether
Mother (witch) - Cynthia Rose Merriwether (maiden name: Cooper)


None yet


Sylvia is not very good at hiding her feelings, despite her composed nature most of the time, extreme emotions often show on her face without her realising it.
Sylvia is not particularly shy, she simply takes a while to come out of her shell.
She wants a big family when she is older, even if it means simply marrying into a large family.
Her goal is to become an Auror and then a teacher when she reaches retirement age. She hopes to marry at around twenty-five.
Her favourite colour is Spiceberry purple.

RP preference
Google Docs
(I move to skype only if rp is regular)
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