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Eri App by AngryMuffinTop Eri App by AngryMuffinTop


Miyukaza, Eri

Miyu / Riri





2nd year


Swim club

♥ swimming
♥ handbags
♥ jewellery
♥ hard workers
♥ jelly babies
♥ vintage decor and fashion
♥ onesies

♦ winter (because she can't use outdoor pools or swim in the ocean)
♦ cold weather
♦ spoiled brats
♦ carbonated drinks
♦ dirty kids (the types who put mucky hands and snot all over you)

Eri is lively most of the time, if she isn't active she feels as though she is wasting time. She loves sports whether she is playing them or watching them and is easily excited at other peoples efforts and achievements.

Despite her tomboyish mannerisms, Eri isn't a tomboy at all. She loves to dress up and adores chic handbags and lipgloss.

Even though she has decided not to go straight into a professional adult swim team, she is still very driven and works hard at whatever she does. She doesn't like to be idle for long and takes great pleasure in finding new things to try her hand at.

Social Butterfly
Eri doesn't care much about what people think of her, she is always outgoing and will strike up conversation with a perfect stranger at an empty bus stop just because. She is often laughing and has a sunny disposition most of the time. She only gets serious when it comes to swimming or subjects that aren't suitable for laughing at.

Hot headed
The smallest things can really irritate Eri, whilst for the most part she is a happy girl, if something annoys her she is likely to get affected by it quickly and intensely. Even so, she cools off fairly quickly too.

Eri was born before her parents were married. Her Father was somewhat of a delinquent and had no plans on settling down, that was until he saw his baby girl for the first time. He proposed to Eri's Mother on the spot and since they had been together since High School she found it easy to say yes. Life started out pretty humble but they had a home at least and Eri's Father found work in an editor's office. During kindergarten Eri showed enthusiasm in sports and was the first one out of swimming aids.

Elementary School
In elementary school Eri found her voice, she was one of the loudest children and often came home with scuffs on her shoes and torn tights, smudges on her face and a defiant expression whenever she brought home a note from the teacher. Her Father would always laugh it off saying that she was just like him, however, his saying this gradually had an effect on Eri. She didn't want to be big and scary looking like her Father! Aged about nine she had become more ladylike, she was careful about not ruining her clothes and although she loved sports, she would always keep her house and school clothes neat. In her last year of Elementary school Eri was scouted by a swimming coach and invited to enroll in a specialist swimming school in Europe.

Middle School/Junior High
She spent her middle school years training for the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships, travelling throughout Europe and America and in her last two years of Junior High she won two golds and a silver medal for Japan. Prior to her seventeenth birthday she was offered a place on the Japanese Olympic swim team but decided against it since she wanted to complete her education in Japan and try to enjoy what was left of her teen years without having the weight of training on her shoulders. She hopes to find something aside from swimming that she is equally passionate about, and if she can't then she will just continue swimming until her body gives out on her.

Additional Info:
- Eri has lived in numerous places throughout Asia, Europe and America though she rarely got to see the sights because of training and sport events.

- She is nine months older than her cousin Auriella, despite them not seeing much of each other they are as close as their Father's are.

Natural eye-colour : cyan

Favourite Beverage : water

Favourite colour : daffodil yellow
Voice : ??
- What are you talking about? You're perfect just as you are!
- My friends and family mean everything to me.


TH - Auriella by AngryMuffinTop
~~ Her cousin ~~
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